Minimalism is sweeping design trends around the world and pool designs to have embraced the phenomenon.

Geometrical Pool Shapes are in!

Sophisticated designs are more in vogue this year. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and pool buyers are making a beeline for simpler, cleaner and classic geometrical designs. Freeform pools are consigned to the back pages of the catalogue where squares, circles and rectangles occupy the cover page.

geometrical pool design

Underwater LED Lightning

Lighting a pool remains an exciting proposition, and this year, underwater LED lighting is creating a dynamic space for itself as an affordable pool option that can create strikingly beautiful, multi-colored light shows.

Moving Water

Vacation in the home is becoming a reality with extremely tight schedules and rocketing travel costs, hence a touch of personalization is making waves in the pool industry. Home owners are requesting their favorites like a guitar shaped pool (believe it or not). Or a resort kind of backdrop in the backyard, complete with fountains, waterfalls and shades around the pool!

Pool Water Fall

Moving water has the capability to romanticize even the most ordinary of locations with its soothing sound and captivating sight. Now that water bodies like spectacular waterfalls, wall accents, rain walls, and jets have become pleasantly affordable, pool owners are looking at enhancing their experiences by placing them strategically and turning their pools into a romantic oasis, or sometimes, a family water park!

Automatic Pool Covers

Along with aesthetics, amazing technological innovations are being introduced to take your comfort levels a few notches higher. How about an automatic cover for your pool that you can use simply by the flip of a switch? You can save your hard work for other, more gratifying pursuits ;).

An automatic cover can also save your pool from falling leaves and debris, thus keeping it cleaner and reducing your weekly cleaning time while also easing the wear and tear on the filtration equipment.

Mobile Apps for Operating Pools

And those mobile apps! Can the pool industry be immune to them? Nay!!! You now have an app that can let you operate your pool equipment from a remote location, so that when you reach home, your pool is ready to embrace you with temperature and lighting just like you love it to be. And don’t forget, the waterfall is turned on too, courtesy the app in your phone.

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