Any reliable swimming pool builder should use sound building practices and is determined about delivering on their promises

Pool building is a highly specialized job and every year, many fly-by-night operators literally fly out- Leaving you and your swimming pool in a load of grubbed soil.

We at Yorkstone Pools and Landscapes want our customers like you to know as much about building a swimming pool as we do. We just love the pride on a home owner’s face after we have completed our job, and also wish the people who cannot hire us for various reasons to be as happy as our customers are, with their pools.

Things to Know Before a Hiring Swimming Pool Builder

Hence we offer our helpful insights that will clear a lot of muddle in the exercise to separate competent and trustworthy builders from dubious characters.

  1. ASK! See if your circle of friends and their friends have a swimming pool builder they can recommend. Social media has made it easy to connect with a large number of people within your network.
  2. Trust yourself. If you are able to shortlist a few from these recommendations, check their websites and do meet them personally to find that elusive personal rapport. Trust your gut feeling.
  3. References. Just in case you’ve to turn to yellow pages to find a builder, don’t forget to ask for references of their previous works. Around 10 should be enough. Take their names and phone numbers and addresses, and visit a few if possible. A casual meeting with old customers can reveal a lot more about that builder.
  4. Payment Terms. Make this crystal clear so there are no wars! Old customers and friends can help in drawing a schedule that is acceptable to both the parties.
  5. Memberships. Every city has some kind of associations for builders. Toronto has the Pool Council and Toronto Construction Association. Memberships come at a cost, and if the builder is a member, you can be sure he is in the business for the long haul.
  6. Contact Point. Ensure you have to deal with a single, responsible person during the entire process. Too many contacts delay the project.
  7. Contract and Guarantees. Get every little detail included: Start date, Finish date, understandings regarding delays, moving of any utility lines, equipment that shall be installed, total cost, schedule of payment and possibility of any additional cost.
  8. Honoring Guarantees and Warrantees. Who will honor them? Builder or Manufacturer? Some equipment might need extensive warranties- often from different manufacturers. Ask the builder if he will honor them or will you have to contact the manufacturer directly.
  9. Insurance. Ask the builder if his employees are provided any insurance so in the unfortunate event of an accident, you’re not caught up in an unwanted situation.
  10. Completion certificate. Only sign the certificate after a diligent examination. Open the original contract, and list down the requirements and inspect if everything has come out as expected and promised.

Print this list and keep it on top of the contract when you go for building a pool for your beautiful home!

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