Our Commitment to Building Quality Pools Also Continues with Pool Repairs

We shall make every effort to keep your project running smooth and efficient through our pool repair and ancillary services.

As the premier pool installer in GTA, our focus on providing an exceptional experience to all our customers is manifested in our Pool Repair Services as well. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your pool is in one of the safest hands of swimming pool technicians.

We offer affordable pool repair services for both, Fiberglass and Vinyl pools. Update your pool with a new concrete deck surface, pool liner replacement, new pool equipment, and more. Your pool will look great again!

A partial list of our pool repair services include

  1. Leak detection and repairs. Our licensed plumbing professionals can help you save unnecessary expenses by reaching the source of the problem quickly and solving it efficiently.
  2. Repair as well as installation of popular and specialized pool equipment like pumps, filters, heaters, pool cleaners, automated controllers, ozone systems and salt water chlorinating systems.
  3. Swimming pool remodeling
  4. Vinyl Liner replacement services
  5. Filter Maintenance Services – Cleaning your pool filters at specific intervals, and replacing them when necessary
  6. Salt system installations- We can replace your chlorine tab systems for softer water that is less harsh on your skin, for a more gratifying experience.
  7. Last, but not least… rebuilding your pool deck with beautiful patterned concrete or stone

Repair Damaged Fiberglass Pools

We also offer highly specialized services to repair damaged fiberglass pools. Our professionals use little liquid resin and lots of creativity to fix unsightly cracks and holes in a fiberglass shell.

More serious damages are handled by using special cutting tools, adhesives like cement and putty and some fiberglass paint to even colors and bring the smooth finish back.

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