Fiberglass Pool Crane - Yorkstone Pools and LandscapesComposite pools or more commonly known as fiberglass pools have gained much more popularity with home owners in recent years. Much of this has to do with the technological advancements in both the structural and the aesthetic quality of fiberglass pools. These advancements in regards to shapes, colours and accessories have made fiberglass pools a feasible option today compared to concrete and the more popular vinyl pool construction.

Fiberglass Pool Construction

Fiberglass pool construction is simply a one-piece water tight shell manufactured off site in a controlled environment. Features such as steps and benches are completely integrated within the constructed shell. The fiberglass pool is then delivered to your home and installed into the ground.

Fiberglass pools, like Vinyl liner pools have a smooth surface, which will not foster algae growth (unlike concrete/gunite pools). Having this non-porous surface has many benefits including less time spent cleaning as well as less chemical usage.

Of the many fiberglass pools being manufactured today, Yorkstone Pools and Landscapes is proud to have partnered with four of the leaders in the industry; Barrier Reef, Viking, Leisure and Trilogy.

How long will fiberglass pool last? Check out our blog post about a durability of fiberglass pools.

Are you eager to see results of our work? If so, please see our fiberglass pool photo gallery.

Fiberglass Pool Shapes

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Fiberglass Pool Line - Yorkstone Pools and Landscapes

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