Swimming Pool Openings & Closings

Pool Openings

After your pool has been out of use for winter, there are many things that need to be done to ensure that it is ready to be used again for the spring. The expert technicians at Yorkstone Pools & Landscapes will make certain that everything is in optimal working order before you dive into the swimming season.

Our swimming pool opening service includes:

  • Pump down accumulated water from standard/beaded winter cover and remove. If safety cover exists, remove and pump down water
  • Pressure wash cover on the driveway, fold and set aside for storage by customer
  • Remove winterizing plugs and reinstall directional return inlets, lights, step ladder, and deck accessories
  • Reinstall all drain plugs, cartridge elements where applicable in pump, filter, heater
  • Reconnect possible plumbing that was disconnected for winterizing, prime pump and run
  • Inspect all lines and ensure no leakage
  • Check that all commands on the controller are responsive
  • Shock the pool water. Do a walk around to ensure client satisfaction. If not available, leave a note with recommendations from the technician

Price: $450 + HST (Price includes only shock. Water balancing to be completed by the customer after a few days of pool circulation)

Swimming Pool Openings & Closings
Swimming Pool Openings & Closings
Pool Closings

As fall and winter approach, it comes time to close your pool in order to avoid the damage that can occur when it is out of use (including water freezing in the pipes and grime build-up). A pool is an expensive investment. If you want to protect it, allow Yorkstone Pools & Landscapes to prepare your pool for the winter.

Our swimming pool closing service includes:

  • Lower pool water to below return inlets
  • Remove all deck equipment (i.e. step ladder, diving board, Etc. Remove drain plugs from pump, filter, heater)
  • Remove directional inlet returns, lights (lights could be left on the deck or weighed down and put back in the water)
  • Blow out remaining water left inside pool lines and equipment. Disconnect any necessary plumbing
  • Use plumbing non-toxic antifreeze where applicable. Install gizmo or containers in the skimmer, foam rope in returns and plug
  • Turn off all electrical sources and gas to pool equipment
  • Add winterizing chemicals in pool assuming pool water was balanced
  • Install winter cover/safety cover
  • Leave instruction for the customer to store pool equipment that requires storage

Price: $450 + HST (Winterizing chemicals extra)

Note: Opening/Closing services are provided only to swimming pools built or renovated by Yorkstone Pools & Landscapes.

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