Hardscape / Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete

Our original Stamped Concrete offers the true beauty of natural stone with the strength and durability of concrete. When constructed properly and in good aesthetic taste, Patterned Concrete™ can dress up any pool with a long-lasting virtually maintenance-free deck. Patterned concrete offers many patterns and colours to choose from. More from Patterned Concrete Miss Inc.

Acid Etched & Sandblasted Concrete

Offers a very soft natural and modern look to any deck. It has a slightly etched surface that resembles smooth limestone. Sandblasted concrete is very similar but creates a slightly rougher and more variegated surface texture to acid etch.

Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking bricks commonly referred to as pavers are available in a wide range of patterns, colours, and textures which help make it possible to tie in nicely with any design concept. As an upgrade, a concrete slab can be added below to help prevent and eliminate settlement.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can add timeless beauty to your backyard. The options for natural stone materials are endless and can easily be combined with different concrete finishes to create the desired look.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Concrete commonly referred to as exposed aggregate is an alternative finish to white concrete or stamped concrete (Patterned Concrete). Many colours can be added to the concrete mix to achieve the desired tone or simply keep with the natural colour of concrete, which is typical in the industry from a cost perspective. The final look offers a simple and clean architectural finish.

Vinyl and Fibreglass Pools

New Fibreglass or Vinyl Pools & Renovations


Pool Deck Materials;

Acid Etched Concrete,
Stamped Concrete,
Natural Stone

Outdoor Living & Softscape

Covered Structures,
Outdoor Fireplaces,
Outdoor Kitchens

Planting,Gardens, Sprinklers

Softscaping adds the final touch to any project. Softscaping can be both permanent such as evergreen trees and shrubs as well as temporary, such as seasonal plants, which lend their colour and character to pathways and driveways. Planning and arrangement of these elements in an aesthetically appealing manner is the cornerstone of effective softscaping.  For more information visit our Landscape Design page

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