A Backyard Swimming Pool Continues to Fire Home Owners’ Imagination

Your small backyard deserves a sweet little pool that will turn the place into an amazing hangout just as you step out of your living room.

A swimming pool in the backyard need not be a complex and challenging affair; it can simply be built in a few weeks without too many major alterations to your gorgeous home.

Some smart planning, a little bit of creativity, a dash of browsing the internet and just enough space to fit in a small pool is all that you need. Well, adding an experienced pool builder like Yorkstone Pools in the initial stages will undeniably add a touch of professionalism to a dream that will change your entire life as only a few things can – and you can rest assured it will be done right the first time. Just imagine the shot of motivation to exercise or tan by your poolside! Or an evening well-spent with friends and family and a barbeque on the poolside!

Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas

Here are a few ideas we have gathered from our installations and from other sources that can inspire you while your imagination runs riot to select the best within your budget:

  1. Tropical or Forest Pool. Green, blue and totally natural, you can choose this theme to always live close to nature.
  2. Contemporary Geometrical Pool. Most modern homes are designed around straight lines and cubic forms. Taking the concept forward, a rectangular pool with an exquisite deck that complements your interiors will make for a lovely arrangement. It might not be a monstrous size but the elegant pool will be a sure talking point whenever your friends meet!
  3. Curvy Desires. For those who are unwilling to see life in lines and squares, a circular and irregular shaped backyard pool is turning to be a blessing. Forever the bridesmaid, changing times and changing desired have seen a glut in demand for such curvy designs in the backyards of homes all around the country. The mysterious design, helped with some cleverly placed LED lighting will also make the pool look larger than its original size.


With so many themes to make a choice from, you may be entering the realm of FOMO! (“Fear of missing out”). Don’t worry, Yorkstone Pools will help you in choosing the best for you that is aesthetically pleasant, affordable, safe, easy to maintain and demands only sporadic visits from us.

Let’s make these summers more enjoyable than ever- right at your home, without spending any more on traveling out of the city.

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