How Durable Are Fiberglass Pools & Vinyl Pools?

Vinyl and fiberglass pools are affordable alternatives to concrete pools, with redoubtable durability.

Vinyl swimming pools are much loved since they are considerably economical than concrete and sometimes, even fiberglass pools. With a lifespan of 25-30 years, Vinyl pools are fast gaining a reputation!

Vinyl Pools Durability

vinyl pool can be customized to aesthetically complement any property. The lower initial cost means they can be adapted to any budget and space. The high quality of vinyl used at Yorkstone Pools offers superior strength and durability, almost as much as steel! The non-corrosive vinyl liner lasts for around 12-15 years and a replacement with similar material will make your vinyl swimming pool excellent to use for another decade and a half. Even basic regular maintenance and replacing the liner when suggested will keep your vinyl pool looking bright and beautiful.

Fiberglass Pools Durability

fiberglass swimming pool can cost a little more than Vinyl pools, and are shipped to your place after being built in a factory! As plastic, a fiberglass pool can offer you cost-effective solutions as well as high end, luxurious products for the same area.

Fiberglass pools are more durable than Vinyl pools but are the easiest to maintain since their smooth gel-coated surfaces prevent algae growth – the major cause of swimming pool decay. Fiberglass is just about resistant to normal wear and tear, thus giving it practically an infinite lifespan! We keep our services and products upgraded to the latest designs and developments so that our customers don’t miss on a thing that changing technology has to offer.

Maintenance Extends Lifespan

Regular maintenance for fiberglass pools includes:

  • clearing out the skimmer basket (every alternate day)
  • brushing (weekly)
  • vacuuming (weekly)
  • chemical balancing (weekly)
  • backwashing (weekly)

Resurfacing the gel coat of the interior of a fiberglass pool is counted as regular maintenance. The resurfacing interval is essentially dependent on the quality of fiberglass used in your pool, and your usage of the pool. So if you have spent more money initially, you can rest assured for a longer period before your pool asks for resurfacing. We suggest speaking with one of our pool experts today to get the best advice for you and your family.

Meanwhile, we are also there if a friend or family or neighbour needs a pool!

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